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Reg. Charity No. 1060177

Churchdown Male Voice Choir

50 years of Singing


Please use the form below if you would like more information regarding our organisation or our charity-supporting concerts. You may also contact us in this way if you want to consider joining us or for any other general enquiries. We will reply to you as soon as possible

Are you a former member or do know you of one?


Like most choirs we pride ourselves on believing that we are like a large family. This extends to the welfare of members who are sick or have left the choir for one reason or another.


And like most families we are sad to lose touch with members and are delighted to be united with them again.


So, if you were once a member of our choir, or related to one who has lost touch then please drop us line using the box below. You never know we may be able to encourage them to re-join us!

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In common with many similar organisations we have a very active social group. During each year social evenings are organised which involve quizzes, skittles matches, and nights when we just have an informal sing and highlight some of the talents from the choir members. After practice how about lubricating your throat in the community's bar?  o  ...

To order tickets for any of our concerts please send a stamped addressed envelope together with your cheque for tickets to Colin Acton, 35 Hazelcroft, Churchdown, GL3 2DS. Remember to leave sufficient time before the concert to allow the tickets to be posted to you.